The blind pianist Thomas Böttcher (1977) studied latin piano and jazz composition/arranging at the University of the Arts Codarts in Rotterdam. He holds a masters degree in composition and has been working at Codarts as a teacher for latin piano, practical harmony, ensemble director and accompanist since 2005.

Böttcher has earned broad respect by those who enjoy salsa and latin-jazz. Not only is he a successful pianist but also both a composer/arranger and co-founder of the latin jazz quintet Viento Terral, and the salsa band Seis en Salsa, lending his talents among others to Nueva Manteca, singer Luisito Rosario, Mambísimo Big Band, the New Israeli Vocal Ensemble, the Augsburg Opera House, trumpeter Maite Hontelé, and Grammy winner and multi-instrumentalist Linda Briceño.

As a sensitive accompanist and songwriter he collaborates with a great variety of singers, touching a wide range of genres from Afro-Cuban and Brazilian to chanson and cabaret. Böttcher is currently based in Cologne, Germany.

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"A respected expert in the realm of Salsa / Latin Jazz."| "A highly versatile composer and arranger."| "A sensitive accompanist and gifted song writer."


Have a listen to a selection of Böttcher’s own compositions and arrangements ranging from salsa and Latin jazz to song writing and contemporary music.

Most compositions & arrangements by T. Böttcher

All arrangements by T. Böttcher

Compositions/arrangements by T. Böttcher

Various compositions by T. Böttcher

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The ‘Musical Dark Lab’

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With his expertise as pianist, ensemble director and arranger/composer, and a year long experience working as musical educator at Codarts Rotterdam, Böttcher offers master classes, band coaching and individual private lessons on the field of Latin music.

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